Gratitude 16: Russian Warship Done!

Gratitude 16: Russian Warship Done!

OK today’s little gratitude trigger is unique.

…and it come straight from the country where the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Romania came together today to support a European neighbour:


Russian Warship… DONE!

There’s an average, everyday citizen that I follow on Twitter. She tweets about daily life in Kyiv since the Russian invasion. Yesterday she tweeted out a link for a rather unique product being offered by the Ukrainian postal service.

A full sheet of commemorative Russian Warship Done! stamps.

Though they’ve kept a distasteful hand gesture that I don’t condone, they have purposely not printed the very vulgar phrase that normally accompanies “Russian Warship”, opting instead for the simple word… “Done!”

Anyone in the world can order a full page of these stamps, including a matching envelope, for the very modest price of roughly $5 USD (plus roughly 6$ shipping and handling). I thought it’d be cool to have a piece of history, so I ordered a sheet, but…

Rebuilding the Country

What’s cooler still… you have the opportunity to make a donation to a number of causes, in addition to your order (the army, the reconstruction of schools & universities, animal shelters, etc.). So, being a teacher, I made a donation for the rebuilding of schools.

We’d already made donations via Compassion Services International and have seen Sophie’s pastor in Bucharest assemble several truckloads of goods and supplies destined for Kyiv, but this was just something different again.

If you’d like to order stamps or other merchandise, click here.

(ps. if you wait a bit… they’re coming out with a stamp featuring a Ukranian tractor pulling a Russian tank) šŸ˜‚

Nothing huge but…

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be even a small part of the rebuilding.

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