30 Days of Gratitude… 17

30 Days of Gratitude… 17

Today’s little bit of gratitude came in a pint-sized package.

Arriving a few weeks earlier than we’d originally expected, he didn’t come out fully baked so-to-speak.

He’s long since made up for it though and now stands tall, carries a big stick and is a source of pride.

Happy Birthday Dominic!

We’re sweltering through a heat wave and it was 38˚C (about 100˚F) shortly after 7pm.

Nonetheless, Dominic spent the first half of his birth-day helping someone move… itself another opportunity for gratitude.

He woke up to a just-missed call this morning and when he called back, it was the local temp agency wanting to know if he was available to work today. He didn’t even hesitate, jumping on the opportunity to earn a bit of money (He now has to pay for gas and insurance on his car).

He was grateful for that

… and we are grateful to the Lord to see the fine young man that he’s becoming, on so many levels. Independent, responsible, and spiritually discerning. Liz & I burst with pride… not only when we see him, but when we see the relationship between he and his siblings. It’s what all parents hope for and work towards.

God has been good to Dominic & good to us…

…and we’re grateful!

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