33,000 youth … now THAT’s great church!

OK y’all… it’s already past 1:30 Saturday morning (Indiana time) and I’m gonna get through today’s post then get myself to bed!

If you were to ask me what this week was about… here’s what I’d tell you:

1. …long travel & a new destination:

Last Sunday after church we hopped a train to Paris’ airport and stayed the night there before catching our Air Canada’s AC881 to Toronto on Monday.

The kids had something cold & chocolat-ey from Tim Hortons and I opted for a Starbucks (Sorry T.H.). Oh and… “Hello ‘All-Dressed’ chips, we’ve missed you!”

A long layover got us into Indianapolis around 11pm, just in time to go straight to bed.

Tuesday saw the kids leave dear ol’ dad in their dust. They quickly bonded with the other missionary kids from around the world. So cool to watch them interact with kids who share so many of the same experiences as they.

2. …reconnecting with #AYCFrance15

If you’ll recall, back in June 2015 we accompanied the AYC group across northern France and the Paris region.

Many of these folks were in attendance and we got to see a number of them. It’s cool to see that  many have continued with various other short-term missions projects and one was even part of a young entrepreneurs’ competition during the weekend – placing second.

The concept: young entrepreneurs pitch their small business ideas and a network of financial backers are ready to help them out.

What makes these participants stand out however is that part of the competition entails their budgeting in a portion of their profit to a missions opportunity of their choice. Hence, by creating and investing, the ideas and funds also benefit the kingdom of God. I love being part of an organization that values young people and wants to help them, help someone else.

3. …reconnecting with home

In a crowd of 33,000, it was also good to see familiar faces from home. We got to see a number of folks, and were thrilled to see them.

Dominic & Soph spent Friday afternoon with the group from Saint John, renewing friendships that don’t often get a chance to be “up close and personal”.

This week was also about seeing the paperback version of my book for the first time. So cool!
It’s available here, on Amazon

4. …walking miracles

I have a lot of respect for this young man, his name is Anthony Trimble. He is a singer-songwriter and worship leader in his local church.

Over the past year Anthony has dealt with stage 4 cancer … but God did an incredible work in his body.

The cancer that “should’ve” taken his life has pushed him to an even deeper level of worship. He is a hero and God still heals from Cancer. #HeIsAble!

5. …33,000 young people having crazy church!

I’d never experienced anything like it. There were literally 33,000 passes sold to this North American Youth Congress and we about half-filled Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium.

The first night, it took my breath a way and I needed a few minutes to get into “church-mode” because I was in awe of the crazy amounts of people in there.

Soph & Dominic were surrounded by other missionary kids and both received ministry as well as share in it through prayer. There was one time in particular, however, where it was just the two of them, praying together.

That is powerful for a parent to see.
“Lord, bind them together. Let them grow in you and point people to you!”

This was the largest United Pentecostal gathering in North American history. We’re so privileged to have been able to take part.

Gonna sign off for now and will look forward to touching base again next week! Here’s 32 seconds of what things looked like at the end of the evening last night.

…now THAT’s some great church!















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