Lots of Small Steps…

Lots of Small Steps…

Today’s feature image shows a rather curious structure. It is more reminiscent of a Native American dwelling than something you’d find at a French high school… but it’s an important spot. Let me tell you why…

But first… let’s start off where I left you last week. At the Bible School in Melun.

Bible School

institut biblique de France, IBF, UPCI, EPUI, Église Pentecôtiste Unie de France

Liz and I drove up to Melun last Friday night, leaving the kids in Châtellerault. As we were leaving there were great theatrics about how they’d miss us, but their “mourning” was quickly “turned ‘to dancing” and we heard cheers from the kitchen upon closing the door!

It was Liz’s first time to teach at the Bible School and what an honour was entrusted to her: the class on Christian Living… a class that Sis. Nowacki usually taught herself.

That says something right there.

Liz was nervous leading up to it although I knew she’d excel. She’s teaching from “Spiritual Leadership” by J.Oswald Chambers… and she models it.

Saturday night, we skipped the highway for the first half of the drive home and took the national road instead. Unexpectedly, it took us by Chamerolles Castle, built by Lancelot of the Lake, chamberlain to Louis XII in the 15th century. It was once a Protestant stronghold in the Orleans area.

Prayer Walking Richelieu

Cardinal Richelieu, André de Plessis

On Monday I was out for a drive which took me past the small town of Richelieu. If the name sounds familiar… it’s likely because the Cardinal de Richelieu was head of the Catholic church in France at the time of Louis XIV.

The French suffered much under the excesses of these two leaders – one political, the other spiritual – and that suffering was a contributing factor to the French Revolution where the French threw off the yoke of authority. Seeds of mistrust were planted, in the heart of a people and a nation, that still produce a rich harvest.

One of the political parties here is named “La France Insoumise” (France unsubmitted) but the principle of non-submission or mistrust of authority runs deeply through people of all political stripes.

I spent time prayer-walking through that small town, no doubt a spiritual high-place as the home of the famous cardinal. Pray with us that God reveals himself to this country… to those hungry enough that they are willing to submit to one who will not abuse them but will satisfy.

Dominic’s High School

Remember the cone-shaped building in today’s feature pic? It’s at Dominic’s Lycée (high school), St. Jacques de Compostelle.

Any guesses?
Believe it or not it’s a small chapel.

You would never find one in a French public school, but this school is private. As you can imagine, being in a high school, it doesn’t get a great deal of use by most students, but Dominic has purposed to make it a regular place. He has set aside his Thursday lunch hours to spend time reading his Bible and praying for students and staff.

As I mentioned last week, he was challenged by the P7 Club presentation at NAYC this summer and while he can’t officially start one just yet… he’s trying to be a witness for Christ in his school.

Stung by a Strike!

Remember what I was saying above, about the French and their unwillingness to bow to authority? Strikes are a regular occurrence here for that reason, and this week Dominic got stung.

His train for school was late due to protesting staff meaning that when he got to Poitiers, his first bus had gone and subsequent buses were themselves affected. With no other choice… Dominic walked 5.5km (3.5miles) from the train station to the school. He didn’t have to provide any kind of an excuse other than “Strike” … everyone knew.

The boy’s a trooper!
Thank the Lord and Google Maps for getting him there!

Pray, Pray, Pray…

Not because of any particular looming crisis, but because God has a building here along with a couple of families… he has a plan for this city and region and we’re glad to be part of it… we’re glad that you’re part of it with us!

This week has been about lots of small steps which, together, allow us to reach goals. Pray that that be the case here and with you.

Pray that our eyes be open to opportunities and that we respond following His Spirit.




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