24 Days of Ornaments – 19

24 Days of Ornaments – 19

Welcome to day nineteen of my advent calendar of ornaments. This year, rather than 2020 & 2021’s Cheesy Christmas, it’s our hodge-podge of a Christmas tree that’s front and center… I’m giving you a tour of our tree, one ornament at a time, until Christmas Day.

Today’s ornament is another 3-in-one, but different from yesterday…

3 Crocheted Baubles…

You’ve already seen Liz’s snowman bauble and my Santa shoe bauble. These are the three other baubles that found their way into Christmas stockings that same year… let’s take a quick look at each one:

  1. Ball 1 = Pokemon Go: This was for Timo… he was a huge fan of PokemonGo for a while and could tell you where all the cool ones were around Châtellerault. When we’d be driving home from somewhere, we’d sometimes hear a “Hold on, hold on… slow down” from the back seat. He’d found a “really cool pokemon” and if we were driving too fast, he wouldn’t have time to catch it (or snag it, or capture it… whatever you had to do with them).
  2. Ball 2 = A Dr. Who tardis bauble: This was for Sophie, a huge Dr. Who fan. This has surprised me over time. I remember some of my friends in high school talking about Dr. Who, but for me it was just one of those slightly strange British shows… with strange humour and bad special effects. However, the Dr. Who Franchise has been able to keep moving forward and Sophie’s favourite doctor was Matt Smith… so… she has a tardis Christmas ornament.
  3. Ball 3 = is Dominic’s … how ’bout you try to guess what it is… go on… give it your best shot & I’ll see you below the picture…

You could be forgiven for thinking that it was a perfectly round, albeit strangely marked, olive wearing a pair of flesh-coloured headphones. This… well… this is my failure ornament… (I think it’s important to be transparent about some of the failures in addition to successes).

So the back story is this. Earlier that year, Dominic used some of the money he’d saved up to buy a used kayak off of Le Bon Coin, France’s equivalent to Craigslist or Kijiji. It was olive green and had an orangey-yellow coloured paddle. The black stitching was supposed to represent the skid-protector on the bottom and the elastic ropes on the top, for holding gear.

Yeah… I know… doesn’t look a thing like a kayak, but it was too close to Christmas that year and I didn’t have time to start something new. As such… this particular ornament is a source of gentle mockery and teasing each year… and keeps me craftily humble!

… and that’s today’s Christmas ornament.

Give the gift of Parisian strolls this Christmas.
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    • Thanks Carol… when I said “hodge podge” … it’s pretty much exactly that! …and yes, gentle teasing is fun, but alas, as with any family it doesn’t always stop at “gentle” (but they’d say the same thing about me by times… se we’re all good! 😉

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