From St. Louis – #UPCIGC14

Today represents a couple of “firsts”… First time attending the United Pentecostal Church’s Annual General Conference, and first time composing a blog post on an iPad! Let’s see how this goes!

Along the Miramichi

Before we get to St. Louis, let me tell you briefly about last weekend. We got to spend some time, for the second time, along the Miramichi River Valley. The first time we were in Gray Rapids with Bro. Graham Russell, and the Pentecostals of Miramichi, in Miramichi City with Bro. Peter Long. This time though, we were with Bro. & Sis Carroll in Doaktown for their morning service followed by evening service in McNamee, NB, just a bit down the road, with Bro. & Sis Cromwell.


Pictured above are; (a) from McNamee, Pastor & Mrs Allison Cromwell along with Liz & I and (b) a look at the missions wall at the church in Doaktown, already proudly displaying some 37 UPCI missionary families (silly us, we were enjoying our time & conversation so much that we neglected to get a photo together with the Carrolls). We are so thankful to both of these churches for partnering with us for the duration of our time in France. They are part of the revival that God will bring to France.

UPCI General Conference

First of all, I want to express how grateful I am to our pastor for bringing us with he and Sis. Carter. As I mentioned, this is our first time at General Conference and we are so glad for the chance to be here before heading away in January.

We are looking forward to hearing some great preaching, powerfully feeling the moving of God’s Spirit, attending a number of informative workshops and connecting with some great people!! In fact, it has already happened…. We stopped by the AIM booth and found fellow New Brunswickers Jayne Taylor, Danielle Martin and James Poitras. In addition to them we also ran into Abigail Thompson (another AIMer to France who we met this summer while in Bordeaux).


Global Missions Service

Tonight, we are especially looking forward to the Global Missions service. Not only will we get to hear Bro. Anthony Mangun (I just love Bro. Mangun), but we will also have the distinct pleasure of walking in with all our our global missionaries. What an honour… These people are heroes!!

That’s all for now…

…except, I might just say that, as far as blogging on the iPad goes… Gimme a full-fledged keyboard any day. Definitely a bit more laborious BUT… I’m also thankful to be able to update without having to carry the laptop… It did make for a lighter carry-on!

Thanks for being with us today!

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