Headed Home – #UPCIGC14

Making another attempt at composing on the iPad since we’ll be on our way back home as of Saturday morning, by the time many of you will be reading this. Incredible to have gotten to Conference this year… So thankful to My Pastor for inviting Liz & I to come.

New Partners

I won’t take too much time today as it’s been a very short night and we’ll soon be heading to the airport. However, it was good to run into two of our newest PIMs: Rev. Scott Sistrunk of greater Detroit, Michigan and Rev. Kevin Wallace, originally an Atlantic District fellow, but who currently pastors in Jacksonville, NC.

Thank you Bros Sistrunk & Wallace: thank you for your support and thank you for being part of revival in France!!


Special Ladies

we also got to meet two very special ladies (among many)… We ran into bro & Sis Nowacki here at conference. They, of course, are central to the work in France and it was a nice surprise to see them (pictured here is Sis Nowacki with Liz)!

Last but not least, we met Sis Cylinda Nickel, who works with MK Ministries (MK = missionary kids). She will be a key part of coming alongside our kids during the time in France, to encourage them and help us help them.


That’s all for now…

as I said, just a short one for today… Will go into more depth on next weeks posts, but wanted to share a couple of highlights!

Thanks for being with us today!

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