“Jesus’ Legacy of Prayer”

… in the words of the formidable Vesta Layne Mangun, claiming to be apostolic and having a weak or absent prayer life is like “Picnicking on the border of Hell”. I debated as to whether or not to make that the title of this post… but then thought again.

Let me give you the third run-down in the mini-series of posts dedicated to workshops we attended at General Conference.

Jesus’ Legacy of Prayer

This was the title of Sis. Mangun’s workshop on… you guessed it, prayer.  Let me just start out by saying this in my own defense. “Have you ever tried to take notes during a Vesta Mangun message?” …it’s not easy.

  1. VLM

    Photo from #BOTT14

    First and foremost, the tendency is to sit there, somewhat in awe of the conviction and passion with which she communicates her subject, her anecdotes and her extensive real-life experience.

  2. Secondly… her style is more a string of very relevant “zingers” (*think T.F. Tenney*) mixed in with relevant experience and references to scripture.
  3. Thirdly… it’s like trying to keep track of the bullets coming out of a rapid-fire weapon. It all comes “fast & furious”.

That being said… Let me give you some of the…


We must follow Christ’s example of prayer:
“Be ye followers of me (Paul), even as I also am of Christ.” 1 Cor. 11.1

  1. Jesus prayed when he was alone in the garden, when on the mountain top and when in the wilderness. There is always room for prayer!
  2. We see Jesus praying 9 times in Matthew, 8 times in Mark, 13 times in Luke and 5 times in John.
  3. Jesus prayed about everything at all times.
  4. Jesus doesn’t start with the small things and “build up” to the big ones. Jesus starts with the impossible and revival followed… so Think big! Pray big!
  5. Any strength or ability that we have becomes nothing of eternal value without prayer. (#WowQuote)
  6. Jesus’ prayer life had priority over his social life.  Mt. 14.23
    (it also had priority over his physical rest, but I didn’t catch the reference in Luke)

Six Zingers

  1. “You’re a sitting duck without prayer.”
  2. “We can’t be apostolic with a weak or absent prayer life.”
  3. “We’re not praying about the things that we spend a lot of time talking about.”
  4. “Knock (in prayer) as you would knock to get into the ark if you were drowning outside.”
  5. “Prayer can be considered the school of hard knocks… sometimes you have to knock hard… but it’s school and we’re learning (about prayer).”
  6. “No other preparation can be effective if there’s been no preparation of prayer.”

Supplemental Reading on Prayer

If you want to read more about prayer… look through the following books of the Bible:

  • Esther
  • Nehemiah
  • Ezra
  • Daniel
  • Samuel

That’s all for today…

Thanks for following what we’re doing!  Over the next couple of posts, look for one on Saturday concerning our kids “Going Global” and then another that I’m working on which will deal with the benefits of deputation… (yep, you heard right… benefits).

Now I definitely feel like I should go pray!


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