100-Meter Dash

The month of January is flying by at an incredible pace and we have a lot of “fancy footwork” to do, if we can survive the bureaucracy!  🙂

Gifts from home…


This week we enjoyed the company of great friends from our home church in Saint John… Marc & Sarah Martin.

Not only did they bring Kraft Dinner, Crispers, Jolly Ranchers, Twizzlers and Stove-Top dressing… they brought the gift of friendship and familiarity.

There’s something to be said about being able to “let your hair down” with friends… catching up with happenings at home and seeing what God has been doing in their midst as well. It’s good for the soul!

Not only did they get to have some of Liz’s great cooking…. but they got to taste Alain Hayée’s Galette du Roi. He’s an award-winning local baker who makes the best pain au chocolat in town!

We also took them for a quick walk through Angles-sur-l’Anglin, one of our favourite nearby villages, in a race against the sun as it dipped toward the horizon.

Angles-sur-l'Anglin, Vienne (86), Anglin,

Christmas in…. January!

This week we received two care packages with Christmas gifts in them.  On Monday we got some home-made socks & mitts from friends back in Saint John. Mailed in November, they finally arrived (’round the world cruise, courtesy of Canada Post??  🙂 ), just in time too… they say that seasonal temps are finally arriving in France; we had a thick frost on the car yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! POA, Pentecostals of Alexandria, MKs, Missionary Kids, MK Ministries

As if that wasn’t enough… on Tuesday the kids each received a gift card from the Pentecostal of Alexandria, and a gift from MK Ministries, led by Cylinda Nickel and Mark Hattabaugh, which ensures that MKs (missionaries’ kids) know that they are loved, thought about and prayed for.  We are blown away.

How blessed we are to be part of the family of God!

Fancy Footwork?

Wondering what kind of “fancy footwork” I was referring to at the outset of today’s post?  Well… since we’ve been here for almost a year, we have to exchange our Canadian drivers’ licenses to French ones…. and like all things bureaucratic here… it’ll be a bit of a marathon.

When Liz moved from Belgium to Canada in 1997, the license exchange was straight-forward, involving a single trip to the gov’t office and she walked out with a Canadian license that same day. Not so in France. We have 8 forms & documents to produce (including a medical exam) & send by registered mail, then we wait.

We’d appreciate your prayers about this specifically this week.


… and you!

We thank you for your giving & your prayers. You are partly responsible for what God is doing in Sebastian’s life as well… because as you give and pray we are partners in mission.

God bless your day!

Grey Line

Want to help, but not sure how?


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